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MEGAA Pest And Weed Control was established in the year 1991. The company started with a humble beginning to build a reputation as a trusted pest control company. With more than 25 years experience it is no surprise that MEGAA Pest And weed Control is an expert in the field. Almost every industry and household requiring pest Control services recognises MEGAA Pest And weed Control. It is our aim to provide the highest standards of pest control services.

Soil Treatment

Subterranean termites live underground and often come into contact with people during construction work or they can even move into existing structures via underground mud tubes or cracks and crevices left in untreated buildings. They can cause enormous amounts of damage if left untreated, sometimes costing millions. Note: we issue a written warranty to all of our soil treatment clients.

Corrective Soil Treatment

Not all buildings had the benefit of our services prior to their construction, as a result, some premises fall prey to subterranean termites and we have the expertise to perform corrective treatments to eradicate the infestation.

Phase One
Phase one is the initial assessment of the situation and the application of the corrective treatment. Our technician will drill holes 16mm wide by 420mm deep at intervals of 300-600mm around the edge of the building, we will then pump the termite insecticide into each hole. All holes will be capped with concrete coloured to match the existing surface.Following the ground treatment, our technician will then apply the insecticide to all potential harbour areas such as door and window frames, and roof supports. We will also treat any septic tanks as a matter of thoroughness.

Phase Two
Phase two is our follow-up service, where our technicians will come by to inspect the premises and ensure that there is no recurrence of infestation.

Pre-construction Soil Treatment

This service is a preventative measure used before and during the construction of new buildings, in order to be thorough, we continue to inspect the building post-construction as part of our comprehensive follow-up service.

Phase One
Phase one will treat the ground works prior to foundation concrete being poured, this involves digging a trench around the foundation beams and all other parts of the building which come into contact with the soil, and filling that trench with anti-termite insecticide. This will prevent the termites from entering the building from underground.

Phzase Two
Phase two will begin once the building has been erected. Treatment involves applying the pesticide to joints, slabs, areas with plumbing and entrance points for utilities which go through the foundations. Also, the walls of any floors which come into close proximity with soil are treated as are the roof support structures.

Phase Three
Phase three is our follow-up service consisting of annual inspections and corrective treatment if required.

Termite or White Ants Baiting

Termite baiting is another solution that we can offer to effectively eliminate termite foraging in and around your premises.

Phase One
Phase one will include the placement of the termite bait stations approximately 3 meters apart around your premises. This process is flexible and fast, taking only 30 minutes or less and can be installed almost anywhere.

Phase Two
We monitor the baits as the termites enter and begin eating the poison baits, thus exterminating themselves. This solution is harmless towards the environment and children.

Phase Three
Phase three is our follow-up service consisting of annual inspections and corrective treatment if required.

Pest Control Methods


All potential breeding and harborage area will be sprayed with insecticidal mixture. The area will be concentrated on toilets and rooms where necessary.

Common Ants

For the purpose of controlling ants, the area will be sprayed with insecticidal mixture. within the premises, all possible infested area will be sprayed with a residual mixture.


Rodents include both rats and mice. The mode of control will be sprayed with mainly be by rodenticide baiting At strategic position however, whenever necessary traps and glue boards will also be deployed. Baiting will only be carried out inside the building promises in view of the poison toxicity to other animals.

Subterranean Termites (White Ants)

An initial detailed inspection of the accessible areas with the above premise. All infestation Detected will be treated with termiticide dust and reinserted a week later to ensure that they Been effective.


This service includes spraying the periphery and ground areas of the building. Treatment will also be Carried out in bin center and other areas found stagnated with water. Fogging will also be carried Out in the compound to give a quick knockout of adult mosquitoes.


All affected areas will be treated with a vector control chemical which is odorless. This is done either By spraying, thermal or kettle fogging. Should these methods not suitable, we are able to deploy fly Catching units at a reasonable cost.

Miscellaneous Pests

Treatment will be carried out according to the type of pest and magnitude of infestation. The quotation Covers normal pest as mentioned above. For other pests such a hornets bees, snakes, fleas/ticks etc Which otherwise may require specialized techniques of treatment. We will submit quotation prior to the treatment of the pests.

Site Visit And Inspection

Upon request to treat a premise for the above mentioned pests our experience technical staff will extend consultation on the suitable method of management And eventual eradication of the said pest.This consultation is free of charge and is available throughout our service. Such advice and assistance is rendered in order to furnish a mush information As possible to the client as regards to pest control treatment and to ensure Maximum protection for the client’s property.

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