Environmental Health Services


A natural extension of pest control is general sanitation, after all, a properly clean and sanitised location is very unlikely to have any pest control issues.

On-site Environmental Health Services

MPWC is the first company in Malaysia to use Orapi’s Viretron, a hospital-grade sanitiser and deodoriser for use in high foot-traffic areas such as offices, hotels, malls, schools, care homes and of course - hospitals. Viretron is a powerful weapon in the fight against infection and is effective against Viruses (including airborne viruses), Fungal infections, Bacteria. Viretron is also used as a powerful disinfectant and fungicide to control and reduce the spread of germs, airborne viruses and bacteria that can cause an outbreak of diseases and epidemics.

Viretron is versatile as it cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes at the same time. It also neutralizes harmful viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces. Viretron also acts instantly and is proven to remain effective over extended periods of time. As it is a non-corrosive and biodegradable solution, it is the preferred modern solution to help reduce the risk of dramatic epidemics from occurring within the working space or high traffic areas. Should a virus or germ outbreak happen, MPWC can be on site to completely sanitise a building or office block and make the environment perfectly safe for staff and other visitors to reenter the premises within 90 minutes.

A virus breakout can significantly affect the productivity of any work environment and can be harmful to the health of your employees in the long run. By eliminating the virus and stopping it from spreading in the workplace with Viretron, you not only maintain productivity in the office but also establish the fact that your company cares about the well being of its employees.

Use Case Scenario

Imagine a busy office, today most offices are an arrangement of desks and partitions with everyone breathing the air of one large room. One member of staff has recently returned from travelling overseas and has unfortunately brought back a virus as well as souvenirs. Unknowingly, the staff member has contaminated the office leading to a number of co-workers becoming ill.

Ordinarily, this would be a difficult situation to contain, some staff members may even refuse to come to work for fear of contracting the virus. We can come in and use the special Viretron ultra misting system to sanitise the office early one morning and the building will be safe and ready for business before the staff are due to start work. On top of the disinfection of the premises, Viretron has no nasty chemical odour, instead, it leaves behind a pleasant floral scent.

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